Ceti’s Steddy-T Trinocular Stereo Microscope is one of Ceti’s most popular zoom microscopes. It provides high quality, wide field of view images, a wide zoom range and is highly robust and extremely well built, suitable for the most demanding uses. The Steddy-T features a convenient 0.67x – 4.5x zoom ratio and a pair of 10x super widefield (FN 22) eyepieces, giving a total magnification range of 6.7x to 45x or, with auxiliary objectives and/or alternative eyepieces, 3.35x to 180x.

The optical quality is extremely good giving a bright, crisp 3D image of the specimen. The diamond shaped base is the best option for teaching laboratories (to allow for storage of large numbers of microscopes) or where space is limited. It features dual LED illumination. A photo port to allow the connection of a digital camera to capture images or videos is included as standard. The Ceti Steddy range are our most versatile stereo zoom microscopes and are an excellent, professional grade instrument choice for industry, hobbyists, researchers and educational establishments.


The Steddy stereoscopic zoom microscope features dual LED illumination and a sturdy column focusing unit.

The diamond shaped base allows the hands to be rested on the base of the unit providing the necessary support for delicate operation or manipulation of the sample during examination.

The broad base model is ideal for larger samples.


Product code Ceti Steddy-T Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Diamond Base Ceti Steddy-T Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Diamond Base Ceti Steddy-T Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Diamond Base
  Optical head   Trinocular, inclined at 45° with photo port Binocular, with integrated 3Mpx digital USB camera
Eyepieces 10x / 22mm super widefield
Magnification 6.5x to 45x
Focusing Zoom system. Rack and pinion system with safety stop
Stage Diamond shaped Broad base design Diamond shaped  
Supplied with frosted and black/white contrast plates, 2 stage clips
Illumination Episcopic: 2W LED with directional condensing lens Diascopic: 5W LED
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