Ultra Clear® RO EDI

The name stands for the high-quality purified water produced by the EDI cells combined with proven reverse osmosis technology.

The Ultra Clear® RO​ EDI Series is characterized by low energy consumption, high product water yield, and economical operation. The latest pump technology with an almost silent motor is another highlight of our Ultra Clear RO EDI Series. As pioneers in the electro-deionization field, we can make your decisions easy.

EDI cells do not require regeneration chemicals as the mixed bed ion exchangers do. EDI modules also use less rinse water than comparable systems. The results are impressive: conductivity down to < 0.070 µS/cm, TOC values down to < 30 ppb, reduction of endotoxins down to < 0.02 EU/ml and significant bacteria reduction, set new standards for electro-deionization.

All systems display inlet and product water quality. The salt reduction rate will be shown in percentage. All systems are supplied with the first set of all cartridges and filters.

Ultra Clear® RO EDI

Key Features

  • Connection to municipal drinking water supply
  • Whisper operation mode
  • Rapid and simple disinfection
  • Conductivity monitoring of RO and EDI water
  • Easy module exchange via quick-release connections
  • ​Simple change of modules due to quick-fit coupler
  • Service/maitenance report
  • Scope of supply includes consumables
  • Use of Ionpure® EDI or El-Ion cells
  • Optional communication interface module
  • Made in Germany
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