Witeg – Circulation Water bath (WCT)

Ideal for:

  • collecting evaporation vapor or hazardous vapor from vacuum line

Safety mechanism:

  • overheat and over-current protection
  • sensor error detection and leakage breaker
  • low liquid level warning and automatic stop function
  • locking mode


  • digital fuzzy controller with Jog-Dial-switch (turn + push) & capacitive touch button

Devices with 230 V power supply can also be supplied with 120 V on request.

Witeg – Circulation Water bath (WCT)

Key Features

  • powder-coated steel, double painted & baked, 20 mm polyurethane – insulation
  • digital timer function (99hr 59min): delay time and operation time can be controlled
  • user‘s self-compensation function to control difference between real temperature and indicated temperature
  • stainless steel bath
  • drain valve mounted
  • backlight LCD display
  • CE certified and unique serial number for tracing


Model WCT-40 WCT-80
Capacity 10 l
Temperature range -20°C up to -40°C -65°C up to -80°C
Cold trap type 2 x glass trap
Refrigerator 370 W 750 W
Refrigerant R-404A HFC
Internal dimensions (W x D x H, mm) 220 x 220 x 210 mm
External dimensions (W x D x H, mm) 377 x 453 x 705 mm
Packing size & gross weight 560 x 550 x 1010 mm, 67 kg 680 x 640 x 1130 mm, 90 kg
Power supply 1 Phase AC 120V, 60 Hz or AC 230V, 50/60 Hz
Order number 230V DH.WCT00140 DH.WCT00180
Order number 120V DH.WCT00240 DH.WCT00280

What’s Included:

  • Cold trap WCT
  • 2 glass cold traps
  • power cable
  • instruction manual
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