Witeg – one block Dry bath Incubator (HB-48)

Ideal for:

  • enzyme reactions, inactivation of sera, incubation and other laboratory procedures
  • multifunctional dry block heater

Safety mechanism:

  • locking mode
  • overheat and over-current protection
  • sensor error detection


  • digital fuzzy controller with Jog-Dial and main touch button

Witeg – one block Dry bath Incubator (HB-48)

Key Features

  • user‘s self-compensation function to offset between real temperature and indicated temperature (±10.0°C)
  • ergonomic design and modular block
  • interchangeable block (90 x 120 x 60 mm) for various tubes
  • molded heater (300W) for temperature accuracy
  • internal PPS bath ensures best insulation, block made of anodized aluminium
  • precise temperature control
  • digital timer function – delay time and operation control
  • block extraction tongs “BLE101” & block cover are included
  • storage function for the set values of temperature and timer
  • various kinds of blocks are offered (optional)
  • backlight LCD display
  • CE certified and unique serial number for tracing


Model HB-48
Width (inner) 90 mm
Length (inner) 120 mm
Height (inner) 60 mm
Width (Outer) 210 mm
Length (outer) 309 mm
Height (outer) 144 mm
Heating time approx. 5°C/min
Power consumption 300 W
Temperature range ambient to +5°C to 150°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.1 at 37°C
±0.2°C at 90°C
±0.4°C at 135°C
Packing size 400 x 270 x 200 mm
Sensor Temperature sensor PT100
Order number 230V DH.WHB00348
Order number 120V ?
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