Witeg – Muffel furnace (FHP Series)

Ideal for:

  • ash-determinations, enameling, fusions, precipitate drying

Safety mechanism:

  • safety switch for door opening
  • overheat and over-current protection
  • sensor error detection


  • Jog-Dial controller (PID) with 2-way knob (turn + push), digital LCD with backlight, and two durable setting buttons
  • programmable: 4 patterns with 10 segments
Witeg – Muffel furnace (FHP Series)

Key Features

  • user‘s self-compensation function for temperature (±50.0°C)
  • resolution: 1°C, 1 min
  • ceramic fibre plate included
  • powder-coated steel body, ceramic fibre insulation, ceramic fibre exposed heating wire interior with 4-sided heating
  • backlight LCD display
  • CE certified and unique serial number for tracing


Model FHP-03 FHP-05 FHP-12 FHP-14 FHP-27 FHP-63
Capacity 3 l 4.5 l 12 l 14 l 27 l 63 l
Temperature range 300°C – 1200°C
Heater Kanthal A1, expose wire heating elements, 4-side heating
Thermocouple K-type thermocouple
Heating power 1.4 kW 1.8 kW 3.6 kW 4.0 kW 4.6 kW 9 kW
Required time to reach 800°C 16 min 20 min 23 min
Timer & alarm 99hr 59 min (delay & continuous run), error status and timer end
Internal dimensions (W x D x H mm) 130x250x90 150x300x100 200x300x200 250x350x160 300x300x300 400x400x400
External dimensions (W x D x H mm) 410x480x530 440x530x550 500x550x660 550x580x620 600x590x760 1000x730x920
Packing size (W x D x H mm) & gross weight 630x540x770
47 kg
54 kg
59 kg
73 kg
83 kg
225 kg
Power supply 1 Phase AC 120V, 60 Hz or 1 Phase AC 230V, 50/60 Hz 1 Phase AC 120V, 60 Hz or 1 Phase AC 230V, 50/60 Hz or 3 Phase AC 400V, 50/60 Hz
Order number 230V DH.WFH22.P03 DH.WFH22.P05 DH.WFH22.P12* DH.WFH22.P14* DH.WFH22.P27* DH.WFH22.P63*
Order number 120V DH.WFH20.P03 DH.WFH20.P05 DH.WFH20.P12* DH.WFH20.P14* DH.WFH20.P27* DH.WFH20.P63*
Order number 3 Phase DH.WFH23.P12 DH.WFH23.P14 DH.WFH23.P27 DH.WFH23.P63

What’s Included:

  • Muffle furnace FHP
  • ceramic fibre plate
  • power cable
  • instruction manual


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