Witeg – Personal-Type Laboratory Freezer (WUF-25 )

Ideal for:

  • ultra-low refrigeration

Safety mechanism:

  • built-in standard warning and alarm functions


  • digital feedback controller

UniFreezeTM system:

Single compressor ensures temperatures down to -86°C, minimized power consumption, and minimized noise level.

RoHS certified:

No hazardous substances (Pb, Cd, Hg, Hex-Cr, PBB, PBDE) are used in all UniFreezeTM and DuoFreezeTM freezers!

Natural refrigerants:

Instead of using HFC refrigerants (R-134a, R-404A, R-507) all UniFreezeTM and DuoFreezeTM models have a specially mixed refrigerant mostly consisting of natural materials.

Power consumption:

Up to 39% lower than the average competitor.

Devices with 230 V power supply can also be supplied with 120 V on request.

Witeg – Personal-Type Laboratory Freezer (WUF-25 )

Key Features

  • personal-type compact ultra-low temperature freezer
  • freeze down to -86°C
  • CFC-free refrigerant
  • external temperature sensor hole
  • block condenser removes filter
  • filter-free mechanism lowers heat from the compressor
  • easy maintenance and improved performance
  • high-quality insulation panel and inner doors (powder-coated stainless steel) ensure defrosting around outer surface
  • stainless steel interior and powder-coated steel body
  • CE, UL/CUL & RoHS certified and unique serial number for tracing


Model WUF-25
Capacity 25 l
Temperature range & sensor -86°C to -65°C, at 30°C room temperature & 70% humidity, PT 100 sensor
Compressor Hermetic type
Condenser type block condenser, no pin, filter-free
Max. rack quantity none, only 10-15 boxes are applicable
Internal dimensions (W x D x H) 200 x 420 x 300 mm
External dimensions (W x D x H), net weight 390 x 627 x 785 mm, 52 kg
Packing size (W x D x H), gross weight 880 x 860 x 1300 mm, 69 kg
Power supply 1 Phase AC 120V, 60 Hz or AC 230V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 321 w/h
Order number 230V DH.WUF0032
Order number 120V DH.WUF0132
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