Authorized Distributor of SHINE – IC Chromatography

Traveling back on the 15th of august in 2017, Kostas Tsarhopoulos received a notification on LinkedIn from Penny Chen. As a sales manager, Penny admitted to Kostas that she was looking for distributors in Europe! After careful consideration, Target Analysis looked at SHINE ‘s products and recognized the quality and the high-tech of the Ion Chromatography systems they manufacture.

SHINE Ion Chromatography Systems can meet your needs whether you have just a few samples or a heavy workload, whether you have a simple or challenging analytical question. SHINE has a solution to match your performance and the most competitive price in the market of analytical instruments!

SHINE has been the technology leader in the field of IC in Asia for 20 years! and is making dynamic efforts to enter the European market! So, we can feel confident, you are getting the best with SHINE IC systems, consumables, service and after sales support.

The team at SHINE offers among the highest levels of customer service we have experienced, so far. From the very first day of our collaboration, the answers were clear and, where necessary, detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly. A great company to work with! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. Even when there was a problem with the paperwork, the staff continued helping us and fixed the problem. Very patient workers and a quick, easy and painless process.

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