Homogenizer and Reagent Mixer (HoMix™)

This is a unique innovation for HPLC autosamplers. Three separate mini pumps can provide different reagents from external reservoirs to special self-cleaning overflow wells on the sample tray holder. Sample and reagent volumes are picked up and dispensed into destination vials using the sample needle and syringe dispenser. Destination vials are then picked up from the tray by HoMix™ and their contents mixed by a very efficient, tumbling-like movement.

After placing it back into the tray, the mixture is injected using any of the three available injection modes. Mixing variables such as tumbling speed and duration can be programmed. Compared to the syringe aspirate/dispense actions offered by other autosamplers, mixing is much better and faster! Typical applications of this unique feature are internal standard addition, dilution, pre-column derivatization, homogenizing etc. Even in-vial liquid-liquid micro extraction is feasible.