Injection Performance Monitoring (IPM™)

Injecting the proper sample is one thing but how to verify that the injection itself has been performed correctly?

The answer is pressure monitoring of the sample flow path during the entire injection cycle! Pressure profiles of injection cycles are recorded for every injection and by comparison with reference profiles, indications for malfunctioning caused by blockage, leakage, air bubbles, needle damage, valve problems, etc can be easily recognized in case of suspected erroneous results. The injection pressure profile (“pneumogram”) can be linked to assay reports for easy verification afterwards.

Obviously, preventing malfunction is better than correcting the consequences. Therefore other Spark technologies also check for needle obstruction and missing vials before injecting a sample. Plus, the injection pressure monitor prevents formation of air bubbles by adjusting the aspiration speed of the dispenser in case of viscous samples or partly blocked needle. Improper injections have become virtually impossible, but if it happens – you will know it!