Innovative pumping technology created in Holland, now Spark Holland creates a novel pump.

The SPH1299™ UHPLC pump is an advanced workhorse for robust, state-of-the-art UHPLC performance and beyond. Delivering ultra-precise UHPLC gradient flow up to 18,850 psi (1300 bar). Featuring truly automatic compressibility compensation, real self-priming and clearing plus simple maintenance, this pump will turn users into friends.

Robust proven concept guarantees reliable performance ● True automatic self-priming ● Accurate flow rate – what you set is what you get ● Easy and economic user maintenance

A new injection routine and special valves make the autosamplers ready for injections into UHPLC systems up to 120 MPa (18,000 PSI). Ultra-fast valve switching reduces pressure shocks to a minimum for longer column life time. Combined with excellent micro injection capability, and including the entire range of sample care and sample prep features, our autosamplers add unsurpassed performance to your UHPLC system.