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Spark Holland has evolved to become a world-class provider of innovative sample introduction, extraction and separation technology for analytical systems such as HPLC, MS, GC and NMR. Spark pro-actively gathers user feedback and seeks to understand the typical problems in the analytical lab. This allows focus on product development towards simplicity and reliability.

Spark Holland - Value Added Partner

Spark Value Added Partner

Spark Holland BV has a Partner Program called “Spark Value Added Partner.” The badge attached to this program is given to indicate that the particular partner is accreditated to perform the necessary support on Spark Holland BV branded products. Our Value Added Partners are well informed on the Spark products and trained on them. Yearly tests and visits are made to our local Partners to keep in touch with our markets and customers.

Target Analysis is a Spark Holland’s Added Value Partner for Greece and Cyprus

SYMBIOSIS Online SPE Technology

The Symbiosis technology for online SPE is based on pressure resistant high performance SPE cartridges that can be automatically exchanged. SPE solvent delivery is provided by proprietary High Pressure Syringe pumps for accurate delivery, independent of cartridge backpressure. The operating principle of the Symbiosis online SPE system is presented in a series of diagrams on the right. Symbiosis has two clamps for SPE cartridges enabling parallel operation of extraction and LC analysis. Valves taking care of switching solvent flow directions are not shown.

  • Conditioning (Activation/Equilibration) – While the previous SPE cartridge is still being eluted to the separation column a new SPE cartridge is placed in the other clamp. Solvent lines and the new SPE cartridge are flushed with appropriate solvents to prepare for the next sample introduction.
  • Sample loading – Sample is aspirated from the vial or well into the sample loop.
  • Extraction – Sample is flushed from the sample loop through the SPE cartridge. Analytes are trapped and concentrated, most of the matrix is flushed to waste.
  • Wash – Additional volumes of solvent are flushed through the SPE cartridge to remove more matrix components.
  • Elution – Extracted and concentrated analytes are eluted from the cartridge onto the analytical separation column with the HPLC mobile phase.

Operating Principle

Flow Through Desorption (FTD™) Technology

Dried blood spot (DBS) sampling is an emerging technology for bioanalysis, especially useful in the clinical and pharmaceutical laboratory, offering easy sample collection, transport and storage. Spark Holland’s DBS Autosampler maintains the integrity of the sample through automation, offering time and cost savings. Innovative patented Flow-through desorption technology (FTD™) provides direct elution of DBS from cards, offering not only consistent quality, while eliminating the inconsistency of tedious manual disc punching or costly robotics, but also allowing the option of on-line clean-up and analyte separation by SPE prior to analysis in an automated workflow. Automation of the entire workflow for DBS analysis in minutes, providing maximum sensitivity without any manual intervention. With the potential for many other biological samples, the DBS Autosampler from Spark sets a new standard for analysis!

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