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Benchtop Science Equipment

Stuart® offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of benchtop equipment available today. The entire range of benchtop equipment is protected by BioCote antimicrobial protection.


Stuart® products are designed, manufactured and marketed in an ISO9001:2008 environment. Every step from new product development to after sales service follows documented and traceable procedures. The result is a quality focused culture committed to total customer satisfaction. All electrical products produced by Bibby Scientific conform to the latest safety directives including the European CE requirements. For total compliance, all products are tested and approved by a fully accredited external test house. We are compliant with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive, WEEE and the Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances, RoHS introduced in 2006.

Product Portfolio

Block Heaters

Stuart® Block heaters are suitable for microbiology and clinical laboratories for incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet washing, sample concentration, enzyme analysis and other general applications. Suitable for test tubes, cuvettes, micro-centrifuge tubes, 96 well plates and other small containers.

Colony Counter

Ideal for all microbiology applications, the Colony counter allows fast and accurate counting of bacterial and mould colonies.


Flocculation is a technique used in water treatment, the process of flocculation is used to remove contaminants from waste water. The contaminants aggregate or clump together to form floc which either floats to the surface or sinks to the bottom. Stuart® offers two flocculators, one portable and one
six position unit.

Heating Mantles

The HM series of heating mantles are available in a range of sizes, up to 1000ml. The entire range is controlled up to 450°C and are constructed in a tough lightweight aluminium casing and fitted with a clamp rod fitting as standard.


The Stuart® range of homogenisers are designed especially for the homogenisation of material, such as tissue, plant, food, soil, and many others.

Hotplates & Stirrers

Stuart® offers a comprehensive range of hotplate stirrers, hotplates and stirrers, most units are available with either a robust silicon metal alloy or ceramic surface. Ceramic units offer better chemical resistance, and a higher maximum temperature of 450°C. The new undergrad series is also available with ceramic and ceramic coated metal surfaces.


Stuart® has a number of incubators specially designed for accurate and reproducible temperature controlled applications. All incubators have state of the art microprocessor detection, setting and control of temperature.

Melting Points

Stuart® has become the laboratory name in melting points. Offering solutions to determine high accuracy melting points. Stuart® has a complete range of melting points, from manual to automatic units, to accommodate all users.


There are many laboratory processes that require sample agitation, Stuart® offers one of the most thorough ranges available including, rotators, tube rollers and vortex mixers.

Overhead Stirrers

Overhead stirrers are useful where mixing of a higher viscosity material is required, the three models available from Stuart® increase in torque to suit even the most demanding laboratory

Recirculating Coolers

The two recirculating coolers offered by Stuart® can be used with water to provide a more environmental solution to cooling, if used with a lower temperature cooling medium such as ethylene glycol they can also be used to offer more powerful sub ambient cooling.

Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators are commonly used for separating solvents, the Stuart® range offers simple control and a variety of glassware configurations, vertical, diagonal and cold finger condensing depending on your requirements. All configurations are available with plastic coated glass.

Shakers & Rockers

Stuart® offers a comprehensive range of shakers and rockers, units are available with four actions, orbital, linear, 3D gyratory and see-saw. Almost all actions are also available in personal sized units or larger laboratory scale models.

Water Baths

Water Baths are one of the most common pieces of laboratory equipment used today, the Stuart® range offers three sizes 6, 15 and 24L with digital control. There is also a shaking water bath available.

Water Purification

In the large range of Stuart® distillation apparatus there is something for every user. The Merit is a simple apparatus ideal for schools, whilst the Distinction offers some level of automation. The Aquatron® models offer complete automatic control and the option of double distilled output.

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