Our Partners: Two Fold Software


Welcome to Two Fold Software

Two Fold Software Ltd was founded to deliver affordable business software world wide to companies of all sizes. Businesses in the small to medium market sector in particular need access to solutions that will enable them to grow through increased efficiencies; historically the barrier for these companies has been the high cost of such software.

Our goals are to provide carefully designed, quality software that is fit for purpose, which has a modern highly intuitive configurable user interface, and is fully supported world wide through our regional offices and remote management. We have also dramatically reduced the cost, so that even the smallest company can afford our solutions and benefit from them.

Qualoupe LIMS

Designed by a dedicated team of LIMS professionals with extensive experience of the user and management requirements and consequently the failings of previous generations of LIMS products.

An affordable fully featured LIMS for all types of organisations both large and small.

  • A simple,Intuitive, customisable user interface – We have done for LIMS what Apple has done for the smart phone.
  • Extensive functionality – Addresses the needs of different industry sectors and laboratory types.
  • User configurable – Offering fast access to frequently used functions for individual work flow profiles.
  • Multiple platforms supported – Provides more choice.
  • Web based architecture – Supports LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide Area Networks), and Web Implementations.
  • Adheres to regulatory standards.
  • Integration with third party products – Gain efficiencies by integrating with other business solutions.
  • Instrument interfacing – Eliminates data transcription errors and increases sample throughput.
  • Easily installed and quick to “Go Live” – Saves time and money.
  • Supported worldwide – Support wherever you are!

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How does Qualoupe assist in the laboratory?

By delivering

    Productivity Gains.
    Quality Improvements.
    Management Reporting flexibility.
    Data Integrity and Security.
    Full Audit Trails.
    Aids compliance
    Data sharing across the wider business.
    Data capture from instruments.

Thereby providing the following benefits to the business.

    Handles increased workload, without new resource.
    Greater customer satisfaction by providing additional services.
    Frees human resource to perform other activities.
    Saves time and money.
    Aids compliance to the regulatory bodies.
    Faster better informed decision making.
    Improves the quality of products and services.

Qualoupe For Contract Laboratories

Commercial contract laboratories have unique LIMS requirements, because of the commercial aspect of providing analytical testing services to other companies.

Two Fold Software has deliberately chosen to address this market and to provide all the functionality to help run the laboratory and to help grow the business.

Qualoupe has all the core LIMS functionality that is required, this page will concentrate on essential contract laboratory functionality.

Experience has shown there are a number of work flows used in this market, so we have added flexibility for you work the way you choose, if you do not need some of the steps, then these will not even appear.

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Access to current and historical data via user configurable reports can substantially shorten the decision making process, and bring real benefits to your business and your customers.

The Qualoupe LIMS reporting module provides powerful and intuitive report design via SAP Crystal Reports which gives Qualoupe users the ability to create custom reports easily and effectively. Report distribution is managed through our web based Qualoupe Reporting Portal.

The Qualoupe Reporting Portal provides secure access to reports for both internal and external customers.

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Two Fold Software offer a range of interfacing solutions to allow you to integrate Qualoupe LIMS with your laboratory instruments and other business systems.

Interfacing to your LIMS system can offer one of the quickest return on investments (ROI) of any aspect of a LIMS solution. While there is a clear gain to be made in terms of the speed of data entry into the LIMS solution one of the other major benefits is in the accuracy of the data entered. Using an interface provides reliable and accurate data entry removing the time consuming and costly process of validating the data entered manually for typographical errors.

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