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With CHRONECT Robotics, complex procedures are completely and intelligently automated.

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Target Analysis is the market leader in Greece in analytical systems for fully-automated, online sample preparation coupled with HPLC or UHPLC separations. These systems are collectively known by the trademark “CHRONECT.”

CHRONECT is customizable and offered in many configurations! Thanks to the modular system, the CHRONECT robotic systems can be individually adapted to the needs of each laboratory. Numerous tools and modules facilitate sample preparation.

  • Fully automated production of calibration standards and mixes
  • Automated sample preparation in the proteomics laboratory to optimize throughput and avoid handling errors.
  • Tools and modules for CHRONECT Robotic


XYZ robots that can be installed on or beside any chromatographic system

Ready-to-Use Workstations

CHRONECT Your Lab, where the sample preparation and analysis become one
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