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Ready-to-use Robotic Systems | The time has come! CHRONECT Your Lab, where the sample preparation and analysis become one. 

Over 40 years, Axel Semrau developed itself from a German company to an international player in independent chromatography and mass spectrometry solutions. Target Analysis is the authorized distributor of Axel Semrau in Greece.

Our team is highly trained by Axel Semrau, so, we undertake the total responsibility from beginning to end.

Installation – Site & Remote Training – Method Development – Data Processing – Service – Maintenance throughout Greece.

There is no better investment for your lab. 

  • For the generation of robust data, a reproducible procedure is required. Therefore, the usage of automated sample preparation robots is highly recommended.
  • Manual sample prep protocols according to European and/or ISO Norms are fully transformed into automated sample prep methods in the shortest possible time.

The Robotic workstation performs: 

  • Labeling
  • Low-temperature storage under nitrogen
  • Reading of 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Calculated gravimetric pipetting
  • Documentation
  • Shaking without perforating the caps
  • Compliance with guidelines
  • Production independent of working hours through automation
  • Less production time than manual production
  • High precision
  • High reproducibility
  • Reliability through built-in controls

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