CHRONECT XPR | Dispensing and weighing in the automated workflow

A large number of substances are used in synthesis optimization. These substances are weighed in the lower milligram range and passed on to the further test procedure. They are usually toxic or decompose in the ambient air, so that an enclosure under a inert gas atmosphere such as argon or helium is necessary. Manual weighing is complex and time-consuming. The CHRONECT XPR takes over the weighing process for up to 32 powders in up to 288 vessels – even under the laboratory fume hood.

Pioneering work

In 2018, CHRONECT Quantos was awarded the Application Award by Laborpraxis (a German Laboratory Magazine). Until then, combining precise dosing and weighing technology with automated sample preparation was considered difficult. With the integration of the six-axis robot into the CHRONOS software platform, Axel Semrau succeeded in doing just that. Since then, the system has been developed further in line with practical requirements.

The new name giver is
the improved XPR system.

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