CHRONECT DBS | Dried Blood Spot Sampling with FTD™
Direct DBS/DMS elution without manual intervention

A revolution in clinical and pharmaceutical sample processing

Axel Semrau’s revolutionary direct elution FTD™ technology sets a new standard for bioanalysis.

The Dried Blood Spot Sampler (DBS Sampler) is a young technique for bioanalytics, particularly valuable for clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories. The technology offers easy sampling, transport, and storage of blood samples.

The revolutionary DBS Sampler preserves sample integrity with full automation, providing time and cost savings. The innovative patented flow-through desorption technology FTD™ enables direct elution from the DBS cards. It delivers constant quality and allows clean-up and separation of the analytes using SPE in advance of the analysis.

The entire workflow can be automated in minutes, maximum sensitivity is achieved, and manual work steps are no longer necessary. Due to a perfect integration into the powerful CHRONOS software platform, it is possible to use the DBS Sampler both online and offline. This is a unique feature of the DBS Sampler in combination with Axel Semrau’s CHRONOS.

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