Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry Technologies | Now see what you‘ve never been able to see

Detect – Identify – Quantify
molecules within samples

Target Analysis in collaboration with Bruker Daltonics distributes Life Science Mass Spectrometry Systems in Greece & Cyprus. We are confident that our partnership with Bruker will provide outstanding quality and exceptional customer service, achieving strong supply chains by consistently delivering innovative high-tech scientific instruments, consumables, and technical & scientific support.

Chemical information can now be easily obtained in an efficient and cost-effective way, using cutting-edge technology.

Quick Product Line Overview

  • Scientific Instruments: timsTOF, MRMS, MALDI-TOF, QTOF, Triple Quads, Ion Traps, LC & nanoLC
  • MS Software: MetaboScape, Metabolomics Spectral Libraries, PaSER, BioPharma Compass, PolyTools
    SCiLS Lab, TASQ

Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS) equipment in a scientific instrument


Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry

Ion Trap MS

Easy to use and extremely robust, they deliver the fastest MSn results at all-time sensitivity

Magnetic Resonance MS

MRMS is the pinnacle of mass spectrometry for both resolving power and mass accuracy


Protein characterization, glycoprotein analysis, QC applications, polymer analysis, ultra-high throughput screening and MS Imaging

MS Solutions

Mass spectrometry technologies brings solutions for any analytical problem


Cutting-edge performance helps analyze thousands of compounds

timsTOF MS

Separation, identification and quantification of peptides and proteins

Triple Quads MS

Explore molecular structures and quantify key compounds in food, environmental, forensic, and clinical samples
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