Magnetic Resonance MS

Bruker’s scimaX® and solariX series instruments are powered by MRMS (Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry) technology. Compared with common FTMS technologies, these instruments feature unmatched eXtreme Resolution (XR) and mass accuracy. This enables routine Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS) analysis for a broad mass range, resulting in unmatched confidence for compound identification.

eXtreme Resolution
The unrivaled eXtreme Resolution (XR) capabilities of the scimaX® system enables scientists to see vital “hidden” information that is missing in data from other types of mass spectrometers. This advanced technology provides sub-ppm accuracy over a wide mass range, and is a prerequisite for IFS analysis and formula confirmation. The result is unmatched confidence for compound identification, addressing the needs of specialists in a variety of focus areas that all desire efficient and precise solutions for their analytical problems.

Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS)
Counting Atoms – Isotopic Fine Structure allows visualization of elemental composition to eliminate the guesswork.

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