Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption | Time of Flight

The analytical advantages of MALDI-TOF MS have been demonstrated for more than 25 years. With inherent benefits including its speed (time to results) and application flexibility, the convenience and effectiveness of MALDI-TOF MS is magnified by virtue of its low sample volume requirements and broad sample content (salts, buffers) amenability. Dramatic increases in the depth of MALDI analyses have been made routine by intuitive software, and easy automation allows for high throughput solutions.

Brukers FLEX series instruments provide reliable results from a market-leading technology platform – well-known for outstanding:

  • performance
  • reliability
  • convenience
  • innovative design

From rapid screening to comprehensive target characterization, MALDI-TOF MS offers broad utility to meet all laboratory needs.

Expert users and beginners can quickly and confidently tap into the analytical power and flexibility of Bruker’s FLEX series MALDI-TOF systems.

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