timsTOF MS

tims | trapped ion mobility spectrometry

With timsTOF, Bruker introduces the next generation of ion mobility mass spectrometry. Trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) unlocks an additional dimension of separation and delivers revolutionary improvements in enhanced specificity and high sensitivity. The timsTOF Pro 2 with PASEF® technology enables fast scanning speeds, unlocking MS-based proteomics for the identification and quantification of thousands of proteins.

The new timsTOF SCP is fully PASEF enabled and maximizes ion transfer with a new source geometry up to five times. Expanding the horizons for single-cell proteomics and unbiased immunopeptidomics.

The timsTOF fleX, brings Bruker’s powerful MALDI technology to the portfolio, adding a high-resolution spatial dimension and enabling the field of SpatialOMx on one platform for the first time. The additional options MALDI-2 and microGRID are adding unprecedented sensitivity and robustness for imaging experiments down to cell size resolution.

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