Osmolality is a general measure of the particle concentration in a solute. Osmometry is affected only by the number of particles dissolved in a liquid and not by the physical or chemical properties of the solutes. Due to this linear correlation, the osmolality of a sample can be determined by precisely measuring its freezing point.

KNAUER is one of the pioneers in the field of osmometry and known for its reliable and user-friendly instruments for many decades.  The proven technology of freezing point determination, in combination with the robust and intelligent design of the KNAUER‘s instrument, allows fast and reproducible measurements. 

Target Markets

  • Food | For analysis and quality control of milk or beverages like isotonic drinks and beer
  • Pharmaceutics | For quality control of infusion solutions, inhalation, rinsing solutions, and eye drops.
  • Academia | For research on plant sap and insect hemolymph and testing of nutrient solution and cell culture media.
  • Industry | For process monitoring and quality checks of reagents and chemicals.

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