Polarimeters From Rudolph Research Analytical


Use: Instruments for measuring the angle of rotation produced when polarized light passes through an optically active substance. The rotation is proportional to the concentration of isomers in a solution and is used to determine the enantiomer concentration in pure samples.

Target Markets: Polarimeters are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries to monitor quality, purity, and concentration and to indicate the progress of reactions and transformations. View each Polarimeter instrument below

Target Analytes: Steroids, Diuretics, Antibiotics, Narcotics, Vitamins, Analgesics, Amino acids, Essential oils, Polymers, Starches, Sugars

Stereoisomers: many chemicals form stereoisomers, i.e. molecules that have the same molecular formula and sequence of bonded atoms, but differ in their three-dimensional structure and orientation.




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