amaZon SL


A robust workhorse for fast LC-MS applications, the amaZon SL makes high-quality and high-confidence chemical analysis available to any lab.

The amaZon SL combines superb performance with simplicity in use and reliability, without compromising sensitivity, speed and resolution

Explicitly designed to enhance capabilities in research areas, compound screening and identification, and detailed chemical analysis.

The amaZon SL integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of LC-systems, sample preparation modules and API sources, giving access to multiple ionization sources such as ESI, APCI, APPI and nanoESI. Structural confirmation and screening applications in routine labs are well covered, as are protein ID and detailed target characterization.

amaZon SL

Key Features

  • High sensitivity in the low femtogram (fg) range due to patented Dual Ion Funnel technology
  • Fast scanning high-capacity ion trap technology provides unrivaled MS and MS/MS spectrum quality in terms of mass resolution and accuracy
  • Scanning speeds up to 32,000 u/s at full isotopic resolution deliver rapid duty cycles for both MS and MS/MS data sets, compatible with fast HPLC separations
  • Fast polarity switching speeds up screening applications and increases reliability of results
  • The SmartFrag algorithm ensures optimum fragmentation efficiency for any compound and full reproducible MS/MS spectra, ideal for library searches
  • Fragmentation is possible up to the MS11 stage, allowing detailed structural investigation of compounds
  • Monoisotopic isolation is ensured throughout the standard mass range
  • Compass OpenAccess software enables use of the amaZon SL by multiple, non-expert, walk-up users


Ease-of-use in a true multi-user open access environment without the need for bespoke training.


Offers a full 24/7 solution for routine laboratory operation.


Integrates with a wide variety of LC-systems, sample preparation modules and API sources, giving access to multiple ionization methods.


A robust and reliable partner for daily laboratory work.

Setting standards in performance, simplicity and value

The entry-level amaZon SL ion trap instrument is designed to increase productivity in the analytical lab for any application, such as quality control, structural confirmation and screening of complex mixtures.

Smart and easy-to-use software

The SmartLine software suite provides particularly quick and easy access to analytical workflows enabling immediate generation of reliable results.

Open access environment

amaZon SL is ideally suited to OpenAccess environments, such as synthesis control and general QC, because of its robust performance and low maintenance requirements. Non-MS experts can run samples or batches using predefined methods.

amaZon SL Applications

Structural Elucidation

By enabling rapid and sensitive identification, characterization and structural confirmation of compounds, the amaZon SL offers a robust, all-purpose solution to a wide variety of chemical, environmental, metabolic and forensic challenges:

  • General LC-MS/MS chemical analysis
  • Chemical structure elucidation and confirmation by MSn
  • Screening applications with fast polarity switching and MS/MS library searching
  • Quality control, synthesis control and process development
  • Metabolite identification and profiling
  • Copolymer analysis by GPC-MS/MS technology

System Components



The ionBooster enhances sensitivity and lowers detection limits by increasing ionization efficiency in a wide range of applications


Greatest flexibility and highest performance with a combined GC frontend and high-resolution MS system for confident ID of unknown compounds using complementary MS technology
Direct Insertion Probe (DIP)

Direct Insertion Probe (DIP)

Direct analysis of liquid and solid samples without tedious sample preparation. Add-on for the Bruker APCI II and APPI II ion sources.


APPI is used for less polar or non-polar molecules that can not be ionized in either ESI or APCI.


Used for less polar molecules where ESI fails to deliver reasonable quantities of ions
VIP-HESI dual source

VIP-HESI dual source

Next generation in Mass Spectrometry sensitivity
CaptiveSpray Ion Source

CaptiveSpray Ion Source

Stable and robust nanoflow LC/MS
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