CHRONECT Symbiosis | Glyphosate

The CHRONECT Symbiosis Glyphsate version reduces sample preparation time and boosts sharper LC peaks.

The CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosate consists of an XYZ robot with a centrifuge, vortexer, and agitator, an online SPE unit with prepared methods, and the specialized cartridges CHROSPE Glyphosate. Utilization of standard SPE cartridges for simple matrices, e.g. C8 or C18 phases, is possible.

NOTE – CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosate will be delivered with ready-to-use methods for different matrices.

With this workstation by Axel Semrau®, it is possible to properly determine Glyphosate, Glufosinate, and AMPA in complex matrices, for example, foodstuff. Being a front-end solution, the workstation can be coupled to various LC-MS/MS systems. Direct injection, and online SPE (with or without derivatization of the sample) are readily available on the device.

CHRONECT Symbiosis is controlled by CHRONOS Symbiosis 

CHRONOS organizes the connection to the LC-MS. All CHRONECT Symbiosis systems are able to process multiple batches/assays quickly and reliably with maximum analytical performance without supervision.

CHRONECT Glyphosate

Key Features

  • High throughput, approx. 60 samples/24 h
  • Ready-made methods and special cartridges for enrichment
  • High degree of automation, good retrieval and precision, fewer manual work steps
  • High sensitivity, even in complex matrices
  • All methods possible: Online SPE, direct injection with or without derivatization
  • Easy control and automatically optimized timetables through CHRONOS Symbiosis


Injection Direct UHPLC injection (LC mode)
ACE single cartridge clamp (SPE-LC mode)250 bar or 1000 bar clamp & cartridges, 2 UHPLC valves
HPD Mix 1x SSM 7 SPE solvents to select
HPD syringe volume steps 10 µL to 2 mL
HPD SPE syringe flow rates 100 µL/min up to 10 mL/min
SPH1299 UHPLC gradient pump (binary gradient)1300 bar, including degasser, 2×2 solvent selection for four different binary gradients, automatic purge and prime valves
Mistral Cool column oven4 °C to 90 °C
Mistral CS Cool UHPLC5 columns plus drain, 4 °C to 75 °C, 1000 bar
Sample cooling with Peltier Stacks 2DW or 6DW2 or 6x 54 2 mL vials, 4 °C to 40 °C
Vortexer2 mL / 10 mL / 20 mL, one slot for custom vials, mixing with up to 2000 rpm
Agitator6 positions for 20 mL vials, adapters for 2 or 10 mL vials (optional), temperature range 40 to 100 °C, agitation speed 250-750 rpm
PALPAL3 RTC, 1or 2 tray plates with 3 or 6 racks (VT54: racks for 3×54 2 mL vials)
Injection Valves2 Valco injection valves
Syringe1 – 250 μL syringe (fixed needle, gauge 22, PST3, different syringes up to 1mL available)
Standard100 μL sample loop, various loops available
WashFast Wash module with pump and reservoirs for 2 solvents
Vortexer2 mL / 10 mL / 20 mL, one slot for custom specific vials, mixing with up to 2000 rpm
Agitator6 positions for 20 mL vials, adapters for 2 or 10 mL vials (optional), temperature range 40 to 100 °C, agitation speed 250-750 rpm

Module Configuration

  • SPH1299 UHPLC pump
  • ACE Single Clamp 250 or 1000 bar, 1x UHPLC valve
  • HPD Mix 1x SSM / Organizer,
  • Mistral column oven
  • CHRONECT Symbiosis Autosampler with Park Station & Tool Change, 2 valves, centrifuge, vortexer, agitator, Fast Wash module, solvent module, tray plate with 3 trays VT15 10/20 mL automatic tool change

For more details about the Modules, please visit the category products, CHRONECT Symbiosis Modules

Additional Options
Upgradable Modules

  • Mistral CS Cool UHPLC for easy column handling
  • Sample cooling with Peltier stacks (4 to 40 °C)
  • Solvent module with 3 additional solvents for PAL sampler
  • Higher capacities with more racks
  • Integration in workflows with the 2D barcode reader

For more details about the PAL, please visit the category products, CHRONECT Robotics


More than 400 publications, scientific posters and application notes can be found at

  • Glyphosate
  • AMPA
  • Glyphosinate

System Components

SPE Cartridges

SPE Cartridges

CHROspe SPE consumable, responsible for the efficient and reproducible extraction of analytes from samples, with maximum recoveries
Tool Change

Tool Change

Park Station and LC-MS Tool
DeCapper Module

DeCapper Module

This combination enables the complete automation of laboratory routines, e.g., the preparation of multistandard


Transferring liquids with pipettes is a common procedure in many types of sample preparation
2D Barcode Reader

2D Barcode Reader

Encoding sample information as a barcode is a standard tool in laboratory automation.
Wash Module

Wash Module

Fast Wash Module and Solvent Module
Efficient Mixing

Efficient Mixing

Vortex Mixer Module & Agitator Module
Sample Storage

Sample Storage

The CHRONECT Symbiosis Sampler offers you various options for sample storage: from simple trays for three racks each with vials of different sizes to drawers that can be cooled as required.


Liquid injection by the PAL is characterized by a combination of precision, reproducibility and flexibility.
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