Environmental analysis in water/wastewater

Offline preferred to use different analytical systems after sample preparation!

ENVIRON is an analytical system for the response to spill accidents and trend monitoring of environment-related substances such as medicinal substances and PFCs compounds in the river. ENVIRON is used to monitor SVOCs using online SPE and to analyze river samples in an offline system when a water pollution accident occurs. The purpose of this analytical instrument is to precisely monitor harmful substances such as PFCs and to monitor new substances efficiently in case of water pollution accidents in order to secure safe drinking water sources.

CHRONECT Symbiosis is controlled by CHRONOS Symbiosis 

CHRONOS organizes the connection to the LC-MS. All CHRONECT Symbiosis systems are able to process multiple batches/assays quickly and reliably with maximum analytical performance without supervision.



  • Offline SPE solution with fraction collection
  • Connect 20 samples (100 ml – 500 ml)
  • Usual pressure range up to 140 bar
  • Use of 4 solvents for HPD (MeOH, Hexane, Water, Acetone)
  • Minimum 5 usages of cartridge

Module Configuration

  • ACE Single Clamp 250 or 1000 bar, 1x UHPLC valve
  • HPD plus 1SSM, 12 solvents or samples can be connected
  • Symbiosis Extract Collector
  • Additional: 2x 10-port valvesfor 20 sample lines, mountedon HPD
  • CHRONOS Symbiosis for Control

For more details about the Modules, please visit the category products, CHRONECT Symbiosis Modules


Volumes: 100 ml sample volume,1 ml extract volume
Flow rates: washing, elution with 0,2 ml/min, sample loading with 5 mL/min, wash steps, conditioning with 1-2 mL/min
Up to 4 different conditioning and wash solvents shall be usable (usually 1stMeOH, 2ndWater, 3rdHexane, 4thAcetone)
Backpressures: Loading and equilibration usually 100 bar
Dry cartridge with N2 –5 min
Additional step: Flush tubing with N2, or cleaning method with Acetone possible



More than 400 publications, scientific posters and application notes can be found at

    • Drinking Water
    • Waste Water

System Components

SPE Cartridges

SPE Cartridges

CHROspe SPE consumable, responsible for the efficient and reproducible extraction of analytes from samples, with maximum recoveries
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