Sorbent code: Y17
Part number: AS-SP-0621.002, 10 x 1 mm ID, AS-SP-0622.002, 10 x 2 mm ID

Silica-based sorbents with an octyl phase. End-capping of the silanol groups on the silica surface by methyl groups makes the C8 EC sorbent more hydrophobic compared to the C8 sorbent. Because of the shorter alkyl chains, C8 or C8 EC-based sorbents are less hydrophobic and therefore less retentive than sorbents containing C18 or C18 HD phases.

Shape Spherical
Bonded phase Octyl 
Average content (mg) 18.5 (10 x 2 mm ID) 
Particle size (μ) 7
Pore volume (mL/g) 1.05
Surface area (m²/g) 440
Pore diameter (Å) 100
pH range 2 – 7.5
Carbon content (%)9

System Components

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