Sorbent code: Y14
Part number: AS-SP-0622.006, 10 x 2 mm ID

Silica-based sorbent with a cyanopropyl phase. Non-polar, dipolar interaction between the cyanopropyl group and analytes of mid-range polarity. Can be used to extract aqueous analytes or to extract extremely non-polar compounds which otherwise would be irreversibly retained on high carbon load sorbents such as C8 and C18 phases.

Shape Spherical 
Bonded phase Cyanopropyl 
Average content (mg) 18.5
Particle size (μ) 7
Pore volume (mL/g) 1.05
Surface area (m²/g) 440
Pore diameter (Å) 100
pH range 2 – 7.5 
Carbon content (%)14

System Components

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