Sorbent code: Y26
Part number: AS-SP-0621.010, 10 x 1 mm ID

HILIC stands for Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography and was developed as an alternative to reversed phase chromatography. HILIC sorbents can be used for the extraction and clean-up of polar and hydrophilic analytes, like glycopeptides, glycans and other polar compounds. This HILIC sorbent is chemically bound to a diol group (dihydroxypropyl) and contains no silanol end-capping. In HILIC mode, when increasing the organic solvent concentration, retention is stronger and based upon hydrophilic interaction and hydrogen bonding.

Shape Spherical 
Bonded phase Diol, dihydroxypropyl 
Average content (mg) 4.6
Particle size (μ) 7
Pore volume (mL/g) 1.05
Surface area (m²/g) 425
Pore diameter (Å) 100
pH range 2 – 7.5 
Carbon content (%)20

System Components

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