SMB – System for continuous chromatography in lab scale

System solution for SMB

The AZURA Lab SMB System is optimized for the multicolumn separation of binary mixtures of small molecules in gram-scale. The SMB System A29101 is the standard stainless steel configuration of our AZURA Lab SMB. It consists of seven 8-multiposition valves and four AZURA P 4.1S included in four Assitants ASM 2.2L. The high pressure range as well as the flexibility of the multiposition valves make this system the perfect solution for SMB chromatography.



Made from 2 types of divinyl benzene monomers

Sorbent code: Y40
Part number: AS-SP-0621.005, 10 x 1 mm ID, AS-SP-0622.009, 10 x 2 mm ID

Polymer-based divinyl benzene SPE sorbent. A divinyl benzene polymer resin made from 2 different types of the divinyl benzene monomer. Strong hydrophobic sorbent with 15 – 25 μ particle size and spherical shapes. Compared to other polymers like CHROSPE PLRP-s and CHROSPE Polymer SH, the CHROSPE Polymer DVB does not contain polymerized polystyrene monomers. As most of the benzene rings are close together, this resin adsorbs all compounds very strongly.

Shape Spherical
Bonded phase divinyl benzene
Average content (mg) 11 (10 x 2 mm ID)
Particle size (μ) 25 – 35
Pore volume (mL/g) up to 270
Surface area (m²/g) 
Pore diameter (Å) 100
pH range 0 – 14
Carbon content (%)

System Components

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