Sorbent code: Y21
Part number: AS-SP-0621.007, 10 x 1 mm ID

Mixed mode SPE – polymeric sorbent is a water wettable polyimino divinyl benzene-based polymer. A secondary ammonium group serves as a weak anion exchanger attached between the phenyl groups of the divinyl benzene-based polymer sorbent. Depending on the pH of the SPE solvent the WAX sorbent is positively charged or neutral.

Mixed mode SPE to extract strong acids. Elution from the WAX sorbent with ammonium hydroxide in methanol. By using a high pH, the positively charged ammonium groups will be deprotonized, to become neutral and will release the strong acids from the mixed mode WAX sorbent.

Shape Irregular
Bonded phase Modified divinyl benzene
Average content (mg) 2.8
Particle size (μ) 25 – 35
Pore volume (mL/g) up to 270
Surface area (m²/g) 
Pore diameter (Å) 80
pH range 0 – 14
Carbon content (%)

System Components

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