Sorbent code: Y01
Part number: AS-SP-0622.010, 10 x 2 mm ID

Similar structure as CHROSPE PLRP-s, a co-polymer made from styrene and divinyl benzene monomers. By adding a higher amount of the divinyl benzene monomers during the polymerization process compared to the PLRP-s sorbent, the Polymer SH sorbent is more cross-linked and therefore more hydro-phobic and retentive than CHROSPE PLRP-s. Because of the higher degree of cross-linking this sorbent bears more phenyl groups causing its characteristic brown/orange color.

Can be used for the extraction of a wide range of compounds like the very polar and mid polar pesticides from water samples. For on-line elution and to be compatible with the mobile phase used for the (U)HPLC column, the LC peak focusing mode must be used. This mode allows to elute from the CHROSPE resin SH sorbent with high organic solvents and to re-concentrate the eluate on top of the (U)HPLC column.

Shape Irregular 
Bonded phase Hydrophobic polystyrene divinyl benzene 
Average content (mg) 13
Particle size (μ) 15 – 25 
Pore volume (mL/g) — 
Surface area (m²/g) — 
Pore diameter (Å) 100
pH range 1 – 14 
Carbon content (%)

System Components

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