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The CIC-D160+ ion chromatograph represents a significant advancement in analytical instrumentation, boasting enhanced intelligence, stability, and accuracy to meet the rigorous demands of modern analytical laboratories. This upgraded iteration of the CIC-D160 is designed to offer unparalleled performance, incorporating cutting-edge features to ensure precise and reliable results across a wide range of applications. The CIC-D160+ ion chromatograph stands as a pinnacle of analytical excellence, offering unparalleled performance, versatility, and convenience to meet the evolving needs of modern analytical laboratories.



CIC-D160+ Ion Chromatograph

Key Features

  • Built-in eluent generator can generate online eluent of hydroxide or methanesulfonic acid to achieve equal or gradient elution.
  • The suppressor and the chromatograph column have real-time monitoring functions to ensure timely replacement of consumables ,It can ensure the stability and accuracy of instrument operation.
  • The software has a baseline deduction function and filtering algorithm to effectively remove baseline drift and low baseline noise caused by gradient elution.
  • It has the functions of pressure alarm, liquid leakage alarm, and washing liquid alarm, which can protect the safe operation of the instrument in real time, and alarm and shut down when liquid leakage occurs.
  • Auto-range conductivity detector, which directly expands the ppb-ppm concentration range signal without adjusting the range.
  • Gas-liquid separator, which can effectively remove the impact of bubbles on the test.
  • With SHINE high-performance auto-sampler, injection control is more accurate.
  • Start up and warm up. The instrument can be started up in advance according to the settings, and the operator can directly test at the unit.
  • Built-in vacuum degasser to remove bubble interference in the eluent, making testing more stable.


Built-in Eluent Generator
Eluent Types KOH/NaOH/LiOH/MSA
Eluent Concentration Range 0.1-100mM
Concentration Increment 0.1mM
Flow Rate Range 0.1-5.0mL/min
Maximum Pressure 30MPa
Minimum Pressure 5MPa
Accuracy of Gradient 0.15%


Leakage Sensor Standard configuration


Flow Path
PEEK material Chemically inert, metal-free PEEK flow paths, compatible with aqueous eluents of pH 0-14 and reversed-phase solvents


Vacuum Degasser
Vacuum degree -70kPa
Internal Volume 300μL
Maximum Flow Rate 10mL/min
Degassing Efficiency 1.0mL/min 90%
Degassing Volume 7.5mL


Type High-pressure and low-pulse two-piston tandem advection pump
Maximum Pressure 42MPa
Flow Rate Range 0.001~9.999mL/min
Pressure Ripple ≤0.5%
Flow Precision ≤0.1%
Flow Accuracy ≤0.1%
External Diameter of the Tube 1/16”


Column Heater
Operating Temperature Range Ambient + 5 to 60 ℃
Controlling Temperature Accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature Stability ≤0.05℃/h
Columns Supported 2, 3, 4 and 5mm I.D. | Maximum length 250mm analytical column with 50mm guard column.


Contact Material of the Rotor PEEK
Control Mode Stepper motor
Power Supply 24V (DC)


Conductivity Detector
Type Auto-range conductivity detector
Cell Volume ≤0.8μL
Detection Range 0~50000μS/cm
Resolution ≤0.0020nS/cm
Output Voltage -6000~+6000mv(adjustable)
Electronic Noise 0.02nS
Baseline Noise ≤0.002μS/cm
Baseline Drift ≤0.001μS
Operating Temperature Range Ambient +5℃~60℃
Controlling Temperature Accuracy ±0.01℃
Temperature Compensation 1.7 %/celcius degree
Maximum Pressure 10.0MPa
Instrument Linearity ≥0.999
Quantitative Repeatability ≤0.2%
Qualitative Repeatability ≤0.5%
Minimum Detectable Cl- ≤0.0001μg/ml
Concentration Li+ ≤0.0001μg/ml


Type Self-Regeneration electrolytic micro-membrane suppressor
Maximum Pressure 6.0MPa
Non-Suppressed Chromatography Yes/support
Void Volume <40μL (4mm)
<15μL (2mm)


Power Supply 150W
External Size(W*L*H*) 360*500*560 mm
Weight 31 Kg

System Components

Eluent Generator

Eluent Generator

Generating the required concentration of eluent online only by adding pure water
Amperometric Detector

Amperometric Detector

Reliable detection of ions with low dissociation rate


Advanced continuous regenerative membrane - electric suppression technology
Cation-Exchange IC Columns

Cation-Exchange IC Columns

IC columns with high reproducibility and separation effect at any time
Anion-Exchange IC Columns (PEEK)

Anion-Exchange IC Columns (PEEK)

IC columns with high reproducibility and separation effect at any time
Anion-Exchange IC Columns (SS)

Anion-Exchange IC Columns (SS)

IC columns with high reproducibility and separation effect at any time
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