DWS RheoLab™

Advanced optical rheology

The DWS RheoLab™ is an optical rheometer. It provides access to the sample’s viscoelastic properties over an unmatched frequency range and enables the study of textures and microstructures while requiring only small sample volumes. Since the measurements are contact-free and non-destructive, the use of a tightly sealed sample cell allows studies of stability or shelf-life over long periods for highly viscoelastic and fragile microstructures. Based on the powerful DWS Microrheology technique, the RheoLab is ideally suited for a wide range of viscoelastic samples, including polymers, microgels, protein solutions, emulsions, particle suspensions, dairy, and cosmetic products.

DWS RheoLab™


Technology     Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy with Echo Technology (EU Patent)
Scattering geometry Transmission (backscattering optional)
Viscosity range 0.1 m Pa · s to 1000 Pa · s * 
Storage (G’) & loss (G’’) moduli 1 Pa to 50 kPa *
Frequency range

0.5 rad/s to 105 rad/s (106 rad/s with extended frequency upgrade)  

Particle sizing** (radius) 0.1 to 1 µm * (accuracy of ±5% in the turbid range)
Cuvette sizes 1 x 10 mm, 2 x 10 mm, 5 x 10 mm, 10 x 10 mm
Sample volume 150 µL to 1.5 mL, depending on cuvette used
Temperature range     5 to 100 °C (optional: 5 to 180 °C) with stability better than ±0.02 °C ***
Laser class 1
Laser 685 nm with 45 mW
Detector High sensitive APD, QE > 65%
Detection Single mode fiber with integrated optics

Two channel multiple tau, 12.5 ns to 1 h

Two channel linear tau with selectable lag time

Software Including microrheological analysis
Laboratory requirements < 60 % relative humidity and T = 17 to 26 °C
Size 38 x 31 x 24 cm
Weight Approx. 14 kg

Small Volume




System Components

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