CHRONECT HPD™| High-Pressure Dispenser

A syringe-based dispenser resisting HPLC pressure

The CHRONECT HPD Mix is a high-pressure, high-performance syringe-driven pumping system.

The primary function of the CHRONECT HPD Mix is to deliver extraction protocol solvents to the SPE cartridge during sample extraction/purification.

CHRONECT HPD comes standard with a single Solvent Selector Module (SSM), which allows for the selection of up to 6 different solvents. The syringe valve itself has an additional 2 ports available, giving a total selection of 8 solvents. Any 2 of these solvents can also be mixed prior to delivery (thus extending the range of all possible solvents using 8 discreet channels). A second SSM may be added as an option, to increase individual solvent channels to 13 total.

The high-pressure capabilities of the CHRONECT HPD Mix facilitate the use of microparticulate cartridges (i.e., CHROSPE cartridges). With an upper-pressure limit of 300 bar (~4,400 psi), CHRONECT HPD can process cartridges down to < 5 um in size, with precision and accuracy.


Key Features

  • Transfer analytes from an extraction cartridge to the analytical column (peak focusing)
  • Transfer analytes from an extraction cartridge to a second cartridge (“2-D extraction”; done with a CHRONECT ACE Dual)
  • Transfer analytes from an extraction cartridge directly into a mass spectrometer, other detector, or fraction collector
  • Perform pre-column reagent addition (online derivatization)
  • Perform post-column reagent addition (e.g., derivatization for detection enhancement)
  • Support any application requiring flows from 0.1- 10mL per minute, and/or high backpressure


Syringe volume 2 mL
Volume accuracy ± 1.0% (for volumes > 0.3 mL) ± 2.0% (for volumes < 0.3 mL)
Volume precision < 1.0% RSD (volumes > 0.1 mL)
Flowrate 0.1 – 10 mL/min (aspirate and dispense)
Flow accuracy +/- 1.0%
Flow precision < 1.0% RSD
Flow ripple < 2.0%
Back pressure max. 300 bar
Default syringe valve 6 port (In, Out and 4 Solvents)
Solvent selection manifold (SSM) Optional, max. 2 additional valves (2 x 6 solvents)
Solvent mixing Capable of automatic pre-mixing of 2 solvents
Pressure read-out Selectable: bar – psi – Mpa
Wetted materials SS316, Teflon, Tefzel, Kalrez, PE, PEEK




System Components

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