LS Spectrometer™

Dynamic and static light scattering for powerful particle characterization

The LS Spectrometer™ is a goniometer-based multi-angle static light scattering (SLS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS) instrument for particle characterization. It is a modular platform enabling a high degree of customization. Even in its basic configuration, the LS Spectrometer™ is one of the most sophisticated instruments on the market and is particularly well suited as an entry-model. Should your demands on the device increase over time, the LS Spectrometer™ can easily be upgraded to the 3D LS Spectrometer™ configuration at any time. Our patented modulated 3D Cross-Correlation technology opens up the world of error-free particle characterization of even highly concentrated samples.


LS Spectrometer™

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Technology Dynamic and Static Light Scattering (DLS and SLS)
Scattering angle  8° to 155° +/- 0.01°
Hydrodynamic radius 0.15 nm to 5 μm*
Radius of gyration 5 nm to 5 μm*
Molecular weight 360 – 3˙600˙000 Dalton*
Correlator 320 channels, delay time 12.5 ns to 15 h, auto- and cross-correlation
Detectors Two high performance APDs, QE 65%, dark counts < 250 count/s
Laser wavelength Wide range of choices: 457 to 685 nm
Laser power Wide range of choices: 20 to 500 mW
Laser control Fully automated active Laser intensity optimization
Detection Single mode fiber detection system with integrated collimation optics
Sampled cells Fits 5 and 10 mm diameter cylindrical cells
  (min sample volume 50 μL)
Software Including Cumulant, CONTIN, CORENN, and Zimm Plot analysis
Temperature Up to 90 °C (optional 140 °C)
Modular system Wide range of optional modules

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