Refractometer J47


Benchtop Refractometer for the Food & Beverage Industry. When QC Counts

Very fast measuring, ideal for the food and beverage industries. 

  • On-board temperature correction using the latest ICUMSA tables.
  • Result independent of operator judgment
  • Simple to load, simple to measure as well as simple to clean
  • Precision lab refractometers with traceable calibration.
  • Stores measurement electronically.
  • On-board temperature correction tables for sugar as well as water-based samples.

Excellent for QC when Quality is truly important in the Food and Beverage product industry.

Refractometer J47

Key Features

  • Easy to clean, shallow Sample well. A clean sample well is imperative to accurate measurements
  • 3-Year Domestic Warranty
  • Lifetime Support Guarantee
  • Modern Refractometer Data Storage
  • Durability to stand up to the harshest environments
  • Durable Sapphire Prisms with Long-life Light sources. Low Life of instrument cost
  • Most Importantly, decades of leading Analytical Instrument Design and Support


Measurement ScalesRefractive Index (RI) BRIX (% sucrose) Temperature Corrected BRIX Temperature Corrected RI 100 User Programmable Scales
Measurement RangeJ47HA – 1.32 – 1.53 RI, 0 – 100 BRIX J47WR – 1.3 – 1.7 RI, 0 – 100 BRIX
AccuracyJ47HA – ±0.00003 RI, ±0.03 BRIX J47WR – ±0.0001 RI, ±0.1 BRIX
ReproducibilityJ47HA – ±0.00002 RI, ±0.01 BRIX J47WR – ±0.0001 RI, ±0.1 BRIX
ResolutionJ47HA – ±0.00001 RI, ±0.01 BRIX J47WR – ±0.0001 RI, ±0.1 BRIX
PrismSynthetic Sapphire
Light SourceLight Emitting Diode (est. life: 100,000 hrs.)
Response TimeUser configurable, can be less than 5 seconds
Communication Interface1 USB, 1RS232
Temperature ControlTemperature Correction Only
Temperature Correction range4ºC – 95ºC (for pure sucrose solutions)
CalibrationUsing water or NIST traceable fluids. Factory Default calibration can always be reset.
Operating DimensionsL: 12″ W: 6″ H: 5″ / 7.8 lbs. L: 31 cm W: 15.5 cm H: 13 cm / 3.5 kg
Shipping DimensionsL: 17″ W: 12″ H: 13″ / 11.8 lbs. L: 42.5 cm W: 30 cm H: 34 cm / 5.5 kg
Power Requirements100-240 volts, 50 Hz – 60 Hz

Rudolph J47 & J57
Series of Refractometers

J47 Benchtop Refractometer
Comes in 2 models

Model J47HA

Where High Accuracy is critical, the J47HA Model Benchtop Refractometer offers Accuracy of ±0.00003 RI and Brix Accuracy of ±0.03 with an RI Measurement range of 1.32-1.53 as well as Brix measurement range of 0-100

Model J47WR

More importantly, the J47WR Model Refractometer offers an RI Measurement range of 1.3-1.7 and Brix measurement range of 0-100 with Accuracy of ±0.0001 RI and Brix Accuracy of ±0.1

Widest Range and Most Accurate
Optical Systems

Wide range from 1.26 RI to 1.72 RI is available

  • Extreme low range makes the instrument able to measure fluorocarbons like sevoflurane (1.27RI)
  • Extreme high range makes the instrument able to measure aromatic flavor materials like cinnamic aldehyde (1.619 RI) and chemicals like methylene iodide (1.718 RI).

High accuracy +/- 0.00002

The J457 has accuracy equal to the short-range food refractometers making it able to be used for high accuracy Brix measurement.

Easy clean prism

All Rudolph Refractometers have the flat, easy clean prism as standard.

Sample Handling Options
Flexible Sample Handling Options for Your Application

Rudolph Research offers many options to deliver samples to the refractometer including, AutoFlexTM R837 Auto Sampler, Peristaltic Pump, Vertical KVP for samples with suspended solids, and the DP Cover. These options offer the ability to use the refractometer horizontally or vertically, with samples introduced manually, with a syringe, or pumped for higher throughput labs.

For most liquids and semi-solids the drop sample prism is the easiest. Drop it on and wipe it off. Some users may prefer to push the sample through either because it’s extremely evaporative and needs to be kept in a closed system or, more commonly, because the refractometer is attached to a sample handling system such as the Rudolph R837. Also available is a solid measuring attachment for plastics.

Vertical Loading Position

Solid/Thin Film Measuring

ULV ( Ultra Low Volume )

Ideal for
Food & Beverages Applications

The J47 Benchtop Refractometer is designed to meet the unique needs of a food and beverage testing where the samples are mostly a mixture of sugar and water and the refractometer is viewed more as a tool than a laboratory instrument. The J47’s single flat measurement surface, temperature correction and one button measurement capability make it perfect for heavy use applications.

System Components

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