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Advanced approaches are made easy with the CIC-D150 system. Achieve optimal performance in your analysis

The CIC-D150 ion chromatograph is an artificial intelligence system that provides the functions of remote control via mobile phone APP, timing startup and preheating, intelligent one-button maintenance, etc. It is more convenient to operate and greatly improves the productivity and usability of the laboratory.



CIC-D150 Ion Chromatograph

Key Features

  • Leakage alarm When liquid is leaking in the pipeline, the D150 Liquid Leak Detector will detect the liquid and a red warning sign will appear on the computer and touch screen. An alarm sound will remind you in time and the pump will automatically shut down after 5 minutes without treatment.
  • Auto-range When the D150 ion chromatograph is operated, it is easy to realize the simultaneous determination of a sample with a concentration of 5ppb-100ppm without prior setting the range, and the signal is displayed as a digital signal in μs/cm.
  • Gas-liquid separator The bubble in the eluent increases the baseline noise and decreases the sensitivity. A micro gas-liquid separator is inserted into the pipeline between the infusion pump and the eluent bottle to separate the bubble in the eluent from the eluent.
  • Intelligent maintenance If you set “intelligent maintenance”, the instrument can switch the flow path to the pure water path and the flow rate will be set to 0.5 ml/min and run for 1 hour.
  • Mobile APP Mobile app is easy to operate. No matter where you are, turn on your mobile phone to monitor and control you Instrument. The mobile app remotely control the instrument on / off and observe the operation performance parameters of the instrument.
  • Intelligent large screen The large screen displays the operating parameters and status of the instrument, allowing the operator to check the equipment status on site and conveniently perform instrument power on/off, instrument maintenance, etc.
  • Timing of preheating at start-up Typically, the ion chromatograph requires approximately 1 hour to equilibrate the system from startup to sample injection analysis. Once the user has prepared the eluent (or pure water for the eluent), the user can pre-set the instrument start-up time (the maximum setting is 24 hours), complete the start-up procedure and all parameter settings.


Maximum Pressure 42MPa
Flow Rate Range 0.001 – 9.999mL/min


Column Heater
Operating Temperature Range 20 – 60℃
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Temperature Stability ≤0.05℃/h


Maximum Pressure 35MPa (PEEK)
External Diameter of The Tube 1/16″


Conductivity Detector
Cell Volume ≤0.8μL
Detection Range 0 – 45000μS/cm
Baseline Noise ≤0.001μS/cm
Baseline Drift ≤0.02μS
Temperature Range 5 – 60℃
Maximum Pressure 10.0MPa


Power Requirements 150W
Dimensions(L x W x H) (mm) 336 x 650 x 458
Net Weight(Kg) 26
Gross Weight(Kg) 32

System Components

Eluent Generator

Eluent Generator

Generating the required concentration of eluent online only by adding pure water
Amperometric Detector

Amperometric Detector

Reliable detection of ions with low dissociation rate


Advanced continuous regenerative membrane - electric suppression technology
Cation-Exchange IC Columns

Cation-Exchange IC Columns

IC columns with high reproducibility and separation effect at any time
Anion-Exchange IC Columns (PEEK)

Anion-Exchange IC Columns (PEEK)

IC columns with high reproducibility and separation effect at any time
Anion-Exchange IC Columns (SS)

Anion-Exchange IC Columns (SS)

IC columns with high reproducibility and separation effect at any time
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