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The method development process is research focused on discovering a suitable set of conditions for the analysis of your sample. Target Analysis may assist you in building this process. We have the analytical knowledge and the complete line of products to fully support method development.

Application support is a service provided by our team that gives you a strategy and technique to quickly and confidently develop high-quality methods. You will learn a proven technique that will guide you step-by-step through the process of method development, applying principles that will make the process more efficient. Application support can take the form of a course, training, or development of an analytical method based on your real samples.

We typically begin the project with a clear discussion of the goals of the analysis. Possible goals for the analytical method include quantification, identification, characterization, impurity analysis, etc. We then provide services based on each method, using our experience to guide and shorten the method development process.

    Target Analysis is recognized as a reliable partner and leader in the application field, owing to the knowledge and skills obtained through working with state-of-the-art technologies.

    Target Analysis provides application support in the pharmaceutical industry, environmental sciences, food and drink production, toxicology, water and wastewater analysis, research, and omics technologies. Experienced leaders conduct our application programs, from selecting an appropriate instrument and performing analyses to developing and implementing highly complex analytical methods.

    In the application field, Target Analysis offers the following services:

    • Consulting for choosing the methodology and optimal laboratory
    • Scientific instruments according to customer demands
    • Development and implementation of analytical methods
    • Validation/verification of analytical methods

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