Instrument Qualifications


Instrument Qualifications

Installation | Operational | Performance Qualifications

Target Analysis IQ/OQ/PQ procedures strictly follow good laboratory practices (GLP), which require that all laboratory instrumentation be inspected, cleaned, and maintained.

We provide an independent and comprehensive testing service for Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography instruments to help you meet your regulatory and operational requirements and standards.

Instruments used for data generation, measurement, and evaluation shall be adequately tested, calibrated, or standardized.

Target Analysis protocol will define the methods and documentation that will be used to evaluate the instruments or systems for operation in accordance with the intended use. Successful completion of this protocol will verify that the instrument or system is operating to your acceptance limits.

  • We use professional and proven testing protocols and related documentation.
  • Strict, fully traceable protocol control
  • Our technicians are fully trained and certified.
  • Our analytical standards are all fully traceable and certified.
  • All testing tools are certified and calibrated.
  • Independent of original equipment manufacturer and less costly than their qualification services.

A Basic Guide

IQ, OQ, PQ protocols are methods for demonstrating that the equipment being used or installed will offer a high degree of quality assurance.

Installation Qualification (IQ) verifies that an instrument or unit of equipment being qualified has been installed and configured according to the manufacturer’s specifications or installation checklist.

Operational Qualification (OQ) involves identifying and inspecting equipment features that can impact final product quality.

Performance Qualification (PQ) is the final step of qualifying equipment. In this phase, the qualification and validation team verifies and documents that the user requirements are verified as being met.

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