Cryo Products

The category Cryo Products offers you a wide choice of products for carriage and storage under deep-freeze conditions. This includes cryo boxes out of:

  • several materials,
  • cryotubes, and
  • storage solutions for deep freezers

Cryo Boxes & Cardboard

Target Analysis offers a wide range of cardboard cryo boxes in different sizes, colors, coatings, and different grid inserts.

Cryo Boxes PC

Cryo Boxes with Grids, PC, format 132 x 132 mm and 76 x 76 mm. Made of high quality colored polycarbonate (PC). For use with liquid nitrogen.

Cryo Boxes PP

The cryo boxes are autoclavable and temperature-resistant from -90°C to +121°C. 

Cryo Racks

Practical cryo racks made of stainless steel, for the storage of cryo boxes in deep freezers.

Cryo Tubes

Polypropylene with the highest translucence. Suitable for storage from general cold storage refrigeration (+4°C) down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.

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