GC Columns

Low-Bleed, Thermal Stability & Long-life durability

GC Columns are responsible for the separation of the analytes. Choosing the right column ensures sharp peaks for identification and quantification purposes. GC is one of the most necessary analytical instruments because of its effectiveness, sensitivity, and ease of use. 

Here, at Target Analysis, we have the required expertise in delivering GC columns that feature low-bleed and outstanding inertness. We have a wide range of GC Columns from many manufacturers that comprehensively covers all the application in GC, GC-MS & GC-MS/MS, providing reliable and reproducible results. 

In our portfolio, you can pick GC columns based on the polarity, the application, the target analytes, and the USP.

Target Analytes: VOCs, Triglycerides, Terpenes, Pesticides, Multiresidue, PCBs, PBDEs, PAHs, FAMEs, Hydrocarbons, Explosives, etc.  

Polarity: Low-polarity, intermediate and High polarity.



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