GC Septa

General purpose septa for gas chromatography

Target Analysis offers a wide range of septa for gas chromatography analysis. In this category, you will find septa made of an enhanced injection silicone rubber material. Due to the high quality of the material, they can withstand over 100 automatic injections at temperatures above 350°C.

High-temperature septa are recommended to minimize injector and column contamination. Generally, septa should be replaced after 30-50 manual injections or 75-100 autosampler injections. Leaky septa will allow air to enter the column, which will rapidly damage the column. When using large diameter needles or needles with burrs or hooks, the septa must be replaced more frequently. Over tightening the septum cap will also reduce septa life. 

Septa for GC Agilent

Your GC operates at peak performance

Septa for GC PerkinElmer

Designed for more than 100 automatic injections

Septa for GC Scion/Bruker/Varian

Reliable high quality inlet septa

Septa for GC Shimadzu

Hiqh quality compatible consumable septa

Septa for GC Thermo

Durable septa that are specially shaped for extended use

Universal GC Septa

Fully compatible septa specially designed for all types of GC

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