LC/GC Syringes and Needles

Target Analysis offers a comprehensive portfolio of syringes, microsyringes, and syringe needles to enhance your lab productivity. To deliver an efficient workflow, it is essential to have the proper analytical syringe! Our commitment to quality ensures results’ reproducibility, precision, and accuracy, regardless of your scientific instrument. 

Syringes for use with: 

  • autosamplers
  • injectors
  • mass spectrometers, and 
  • chromatography systems

A broad selection of syringes based on terms of: 

  • Instrument Compatability
  • Needle Gauge
  • Needle Length
  • Needle Point Style
  • Needle Type
  • Plunger Tip Material
  • Volume Size

We offer syringes compatible with all the major instrument brands. Find syringes for Agilent, CTC, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, and Thermo Scientific.


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