Liquid Chromatography

In a modern laboratory, the time and precision required for sample preparation are important investments in an efficient workflow. Having spent that time and effort in sample preparation, it is critical to maintain the integrity of the sample as it is delivered to the separation and detection steps of the analysis.

It is important to have the right consumables & spare parts to ensure an efficient workflow. Target Analysis is focused on providing a portfolio of high-performance products designed to meet these requirements.

Our LC collaborators have been the first choice for laboratories for over 50 years. By combining our knowledge and expertise in LC technologies, we have been able to partner with the market leaders in chromatography. We offer a wide range of consumables & spare parts to cover all your instrument needs.

Our product portfolio comes from many manufacturers and has one thing in common: outstanding performance and superior quality.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the big difference. Target Analysis offers a wide range of products, including spare parts and consumables for Liquid Chromatography systems and instruments. In this category, you will find HPLC consumables that will support your systems throughout their lifetime, such as columns, backpressure regulators, inline filters, tubing, fittings, connectors, and more. You’ll also find fully interchangeable parts that are identical or similar to parts for systems that fail all the time.


Dramatically improve your efficiency with Fortis' ultra-high performance UHPLC columns! Fortis Technologies offers exceptionally high quality and unique UHPLC columns with fully porous and core-shell particles that achieve exceptional resolution results for your separations on any system.


Connectors are designed to securely join tubing together or to facilitate the joining of tubing to other fluid pathway components. IDEX offers multiport connectors with different thread and port configurations to meet your system requirements and connection needs. Some connectors feature a True ZDV (Zero Dead Volume) internal configuration that helps minimize the formation of dead volume in your fluidic pathway. Versatile adapters help bring two connectors with different configurations together.


Degassers improve fluidic instrument precision and reliability by removing dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and form problem-causing bubbles. Three main types of bubble removing products are available.


Filters offer an optimal way to filter your solvents, preventing pump cavitation and system damage. IDEX offers several types of filters for specific system specifications to protect your system from solvent particles that could damage expensive hardware.


Target Analysis in partnership with market leading fitting manufacturers, offers a wide and diverse selection of fittings to meet your system requirements. A "fitting" refers to a complete product ready to assemble and connect tubing into a part. This could be a one-piece connector or a nut and ferrule packaged together.


Target Analysis supplies a comprehensive range of Frits that are precisely manufactured from four different materials: PEEK, stainless steel, UHMWPE and titanium. Frit discs are available in a variety of sizes, both with and without polymer sealing rings, and in a range of porosities from 0.5µm to 20µm.

Sample Loops

In this category, we have grouped our products into a wide range of sample loops.


High quality, versatile tubing is offered in a variety of materials and styles to meet your system needs. High pressure tubing includes biocompatible PEEK selections and well as seamless, pre-cut stainless steel.

UHPLC Connection Systems

Expertly designed UHPLC Connection Systems takes the guesswork out of process by eliminating the risk of under- or over-tightening, with IDEX's patented torque-limiting mechanism. Built with sturdy, bioinert PEEK, PEEKsil™, or stainless-steel flow paths, UHPLC connection systems can be connected and disconnected more than 100 times.


Valves are an integral part of advanced fluid-handling solutions for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and clinical diagnostic systems. IDEX's valve options include manual valves for lower frequency of use and rotary shear valves that meet the high duty cycle requirements of UHPLC.

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