Connectors are designed to securely join tubing together or to facilitate the joining of tubing to other fluid pathway components. IDEX offers multiport connectors with different thread and port configurations to meet your system requirements and connection needs. Some connectors feature a True ZDV (Zero Dead Volume) internal configuration that helps minimize the formation of dead volume in your fluidic pathway. Versatile adapters help bring two connectors with different configurations together.

Connectors are manufactured from 316 stainless steel or from inert polymers to ensure chemical compatibility with the fluid passing through. Peristaltic tube connectors are ideal for making connections with soft-walled, peristaltic tubing. The extensive line of connectors includes tees, crosses, Luer Adapters, barbed and threaded adapters and a variety of other options.

High Pressure Multiport Connectors

Diverse selection of high pressure multiport connectors includes products that can be easily used where high pressure tolerance is necessary. High pressure multiport connectors are designed to address the need to bring more than two pieces of tubing (or accessories) together in the high-pressure region of a system.

Low Pressure Multiport Connectors

Diverse selection of low pressure multiport connectors includes products that can be easily used in low pressure regions of a system where a dependable connection is essential.

Luer Adapters

Luer Adapters are specifically designed to work in a variety of applications by securely connecting a male or female luer to each other. Luer Adapter products include LuerTight™ Fittings which allow you to connect and disconnect quickly to fluoropolymer tubing without the use of barbs or nuts. Quick Connect Luer Adapters allow for a quick and secure connection.

MicroTight Adapters

MicroTight Adapters were designed to created easy, convenient connections for common 1/16" OD to capillary tubing. In addition, these adapters can offer direct connect to 1/32" OD or 360μm OD tubing options as well. MicroTight Adapters create a true zero dead volume (ZDV) connection.

NanoPort Assemblies

NanoPort Assemblies provide consistent fluid connections for chip-based analyses. The unique design prevents adhesive contamination of the fluid path. Once attached, NanoPort connections can withstand pressures up to 1,000 psi (69 bar). NanoPorts adhere to silicon, quartz, glass, and some polymers.

Peristaltic Tube Connectors

Peristaltic Tube Connectors are ideal for making connections with soft-walled, peristaltic tubing. IDEX offers ways to adapt soft-walled tubing with rigid-walled tubing; soft-walled tubing to products with a luer terminus; soft-walled tubing to threaded ports; as well as ways to connect soft-walled tubing to one or more other soft-walled tubes. With all the options offered, you have a great chance to find the Peristaltic Tube Connector you are looking for.

Threaded Adapters

Threaded Adapters come in a wide variety of configurations to meet your system requirements. They are designed to effectively bring together connectors with different threads. We offer them in English, Metric, and NPT versions. Manufactured from inert polymers and stainless steel they deliver excellent chemical resistance.

Ultra-High-Pressure Multiport Connectors

Target Analysis supplies a unique line of specialized Ultra High Pressure Multiport Connectors for UHPLC applications. Connectors deliver zero dead volume (ZDV) allowing for a more secure fluidic path. They are specifically designed to work with UHPLC pressures. The materials used for these connectors are durable stainless and a biocompatible proprietary blend of PEEK.

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