Peristaltic Tube Connectors

Peristaltic Tube Connectors are ideal for making connections with soft-walled, peristaltic tubing. IDEX offers ways to adapt soft-walled tubing with rigid-walled tubing; soft-walled tubing to products with a luer terminus; soft-walled tubing to threaded ports; as well as ways to connect soft-walled tubing to one or more other soft-walled tubes. With all the options offered, you have a great chance to find the Peristaltic Tube Connector you are looking for.

Barbed Connectors are perfect for making secure, low-pressure connections with soft-walled tubing – the kind typically used with peristaltic pumps. Within this family of products is a wide assortment of connectors designed for use with soft-walled tubing with inner diameters in the range of 0.5 – 15 mm, in a variety of different combinations. Please Note: Products are manufactured from different materials and packaged either individually or in multi-packs – please see the product details for more information.

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