Target Analysis in partnership with market leading fitting manufacturers, offers a wide and diverse selection of fittings to meet your system requirements. A “fitting” refers to a complete product ready to assemble and connect tubing into a part. This could be a one-piece connector or a nut and ferrule packaged together. A “Nut” indicates the male or female threaded product sold separately, and a “Ferrule” is sold separately when indicated in the description. Target Analysis is committed to providing you with the most reliable, and proven products on the market.

Coned Fittings

Coned Fittings offer enhanced pressure holding abilities for demanding fluidic applications. Most of Coned Fittings have been engineered to work in the high-pressure zone of chromatography systems - the region between the outlet of the pump and the inlet of the column- where the physical stresses on the fittings are generally high, with inline pressures reaching 6,000 psi or higher and in UHPLC applications pressures can reach up to 20000psi or higher.

Fitting Kits

IDEX manufacture a large selection of convenient fittings kits, each containing an assortment of products designed to make your life easier and to save you money.

Fitting Tools

Target Analysis supplies Fittings Tools that are designed to assist you with your connections. The Extender Tools are an excellent choice to assist with the essential tightening process. They can be used to tighten most of knurled nuts in hard to reach places. For precise tightening, the extender tools listed with 1/4" hex drives are designed to adapt to any torque wrench with a female 1/4" socket, such as the VHP-4000 Torque Driver.

Flat bottom Fittings

Flat-Bottom Fittings combine convenience with performance, with options to effectively secure tubing of multiple outer diameters into traditional, flat-bottom receiving ports. Most of Flat-Bottom Fittings feature the use of an external compression ferrule, which grips the outer wall of the flow path tubing while simultaneously creating a seal against the bottom surface of the receiving port.

Large Bore Fittings

IDEX's Large Bore Fittings are specifically designed to work with 5/16-24 & ½-20 threaded fittings.

Plugs and Caps

Plugs and Caps are ideal for storage and closing off fluidic pathways that are not in use. Our Plugs and Caps offer an ideal solution for sealing 6-32, 6-40, 10-32, ¼-28, M6 or 5/16-24 threaded ports or fittings or to effectively cap off tubing.

Specialty Fittings

Specialty Fittings include the TinyTight family that is designed as an easy-to-use alternative for fluidic collet-lock fitting systems requiring a special port. The TinyTight swaged-ferrule connections achieve superior performance with less part numbers that also result in a faster assembly workflow.

Tubing Sleeves

Most capillary tubing connections are made into coned receiving ports, where the port is not designed to be used with capillary tubing directly, special care must be used to ensure a good connection. IDEX Health & Science recommends the use of sleeves.

VHP Fittings

Target Analysis supplies an innovative line of Very High Pressure (VHP) fittings, designed to withstand extreme pressures. This patent-pending line of ground-breaking fitting systems is perfect for use within the increasingly demanding requirements of today's UHPLC high performance analytical systems.

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