High quality, versatile tubing is offered in a variety of materials and styles to meet your system needs. High pressure tubing includes biocompatible PEEK selections and well as seamless, pre-cut stainless steel. Fluoropolymer tubing is available in well-known DuPont® FEP and PFA as well as High Purity PFA. Uniquely, the tubings are color coded for easy identification and some are clear so you can easily see the path of the fluid. The tubing is manufactured to precise, tight tolerances to ensure reliable product consistency.


Fluoropolymer Tubing is specifically designed for more critical, low and medium pressure applications. Most of this tubing is designed with translucent to transparent materials making it easy to see fluids flow.

High Pressure

High Pressure robust Tubing is specifically designed for use in high- pressure and ultra-high- pressure applications such as UHPLC. Target Analysis distributes tubing in a variety of materials, dimensions, and styles to meet your specific applications. Biocompatible PEEK material and durable Stainless Steel are available.

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