Bottom-of-the-Bottle Filters

IDEX’s uniquely designed Bottom-of-the-Bottle Filters effectively protect your system by filtering out particles that could otherwise damage expensive hardware.

Durable stainless steel specifically designed to allow solvents to be drawn from within 1/8″ of the bottom of your bottle.

The UHMWPE version allows tubing to pass through to the bottom of the filter cup, enabling the filter to draw solvent from within 0.10″ (2.5 mm ) of the bottom of your solvent bottle. This widely known and durable polymer is an economical choice.

PEEK version is biocompatible and includes two built-in PEEK frits. PEEK frit (2 μm or 10 μm) will draw solvents from within 0.080″ ( 2.0 mm) of the bottom of the solvent bottle. The 2 μm frit on the side may be used for a 1/8″ OD helium sparging line.

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